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The rise and rise of SpaceX

First they said SpaceX couldn't land a rocketship. So SpaceX did it.

Then they said SpaceX couldn't land a rocketship [...]

Video Marketing. Tips and Tricks

Short-Form Videos

Social media has altered the way people talk to each other, with lesser [...]

Mad Max, Fury road to the H2O crisis

NASA’s head water connoisseur Mr. Famigletti had said that Mad Max shows a reality of our water-less days ahe [...]

The other Americas : mere lands of sun or The Solar Powers

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Latin America?” Football? Well maybe, but it will not be long as and when L [...]

Wearable Technology Sensation @ Rio Olympics 2016

Wearable devices changed the way athletes train. Olympians have started using data collected by wearables which makes the sports more intere [...]

#RIPFlash Google is de-emphasizing FLASH by 2016 end

Google plans to remove and rip Flash player out of the game and out to the grave by the end of this year. They recently anno [...]

Geopolymer cement: Foundation for eco-friendly building industry.

Cement manufacturers are amongst the highest polluters in the world. They are responsible for producing more emission per capita than aviati [...]

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning All The Amazing Things That Have Happ...

Artificial intelligence (AI )and Machine learning (ML) are often seem to be used interchangeably. They have subtle but rea [...]