5 innovative ways a Drone can be put to use


Tooth‘pick’ Drone

So, you know that tooth-pulling trick where parents tie a string around their kid’s loose tooth and a door knob, and then slam the door?

Well, now parents are doing that trick, but not with doors … with drones. DRONES.On 10th May, 2016 Robert Botham, a Glasgow dentist, told Wizards Island that the door-slamming method wasn’t inherently bad:

“If the tooth is loose and it’s bothersome to the child, there’s nothing wrong with removing it that way… Sure, you could say, ‘Someone could get hurt’ or ‘It could cause an infection,’ but the chances of that happening are extremely remote.” Well, okay, but doors and drones aren’t totally the same thing. And yet, it is happening, and people are filming it and putting it online. What a drone-filled world we live in. check this out:

 The Party Drone

Everyone loves music festivals. Seeing your favorite artists live, being surrounded by people who share your affection, pretty much everything about the experience is awesome, except for one thing. The part with the waiting and line and getting to the stage is always annoying and boring.

Enter the PartyDrone. When festival goers buy their tickets, they also add their favorite song to the festival playlist. To their surprise, when they enter the area of the festival, the ‘PartyDrone’ floats above them with its 450 Watts worth of speaker power, playing their favorite song.

Honestly, we wish there would be programmed drones playing our favorite music not only on all music festivals, but pretty much everywhere we went. Now if only there was an app for that.

Delivering dry cleaning

A freshly laundered shirt, covered in plastic, flaps in the wind as it takes flight from in front of Drone Cleaners in Miami. It wasn’t picked up by a breeze, though, rather a remote-controlled drone, which ferries the shirt across the sky on a delivery run to a nearby customer.

 “I’m all about technology and I see a lot of these cleaners, it’s so old school. You come in and you just pick it up. I needed to zing things up,” says Tim Mack owner Drone Cleaners.

The 29-year-old, who’s trying to attract a young clientele at his Main Street shop that opened last November, converted a four-bladed DJI Phantom quadracopter, designed for taking aerial photography, into a dry cleaning delivery machine.

Love Drone

Dr. Ankit Khandelwal of Mumbai is a specialist in Pediatrics but the way he utilized his personal Drone can give any girl the ‘Awwww’ moment. This is how he proposed Richa Khatri and now Mrs. Khandelwal. As he went down on his knees, to Richa’s surprise the drone arrived from the back of her and dropped a ring in Ankit’s hands.

As she wore the ring the circumambulating drone started showering flowers and confetti which it was carrying too. So technologically romantic, isn’t it. The whole thing was also captured for the lifetime by the video camera on drone. Kudos to his idea and also Ali, his friend who was controlling the love machine.

Guys if there is someone in your life whom you want to propose, then go ahead and copy this idea after all there is no patent on love….

Anti-Poaching Drone

Traditionally, scientists have used helicopters and airplanes to monitor wildlife. Drones have found a place in their research as they are less costly, more efficient, and more precise than traditional approaches. These drones can also carry data-collecting equipment in addition to their cameras, allowing scientists to save on man power.

Rhinos and elephants in Africa are in more danger than ever before. There were 1300 rhinos poached in 2015 compared to only 62 in 2007. One single rhino horn can go for $250,000 on the black market. New innovations in drone usage have been highly successful in slowing down and preventing poaching in areas of Africa.

They are flown at night and use cameras that detect the heat given off by humans. Rangers are near drone’s flight path, ready to respond once poachers are discovered. Drones have been deployed on a trial basis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa since 2012. The result has been a 65 percent reduction in rhino poaching.








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    Aug 12, 2016

    Need a market report on Indian Drones industry but could not find anywhere here?

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    Aug 12, 2016

    Hi Tejas, We have a huge catalogue of market reports, not all are published on the website. We have a report on 'Indo-GCC Drones Market 2016-2020'. Kindly request for the sample report at contact@wizardsisland.com from your official email id. Regards

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