7 IN-credibly Funny Things We do to Avoid Work At Office...!!


Admit it! We've all been there. From hiding in the bathroom to testing the powers of hypnosis. 

Here’s a small sampling of unbelievable range of funny stuff that human beings do during work time. 


1. Looking Super Busy

When you do not feel like working but then you pretend to look busy, as opposed to being busy. Moving papers around your desk, opening drawers, closing drawers, opening mail, sorting mail. Remember every move counts!!!

2. Taking Over Office Publicity

Share important news about promotions, births and death among the employees and who has what for sale. It requires no skill to start with and also no one will criticize what you do, as they are afraid they might end up having to do it.

3. Using the File Corrupt Tools

You can use the file corrupt tools which corrupts the file as soon as it is opened on another system. Relax the entire day and send a corrupted report file at the end.

4. Trying to Hypnotize other Employees to Stop their Smoking Habits

If you do not feel like working at all, pretend to help your colleague with their smoking habit by using this trick. You will spend endless hours of fun accomplishing absolutely nothing useful.


5. Pretend to be Stuck with your Code

Acting as if you are stuck on that very important code and whatever the reason, at the end of the day, you have successfully resolved the issue. You can spend hours debugging systems to no useful effect.


6. Pretend to be sick

Decide what illness you are going to fake. Ideally you want something that incapacitates you from major responsibilities without being so serious that others will take you to the doctor or hospital.


7. Printing pictures of animals, naming them after employees and hanging them in the work area.

Chuckling at that image hanging on the wall. A very valuable activity for yourself (but not your employer) is to decorate your workplace with various pictures of animals and naming them after your friends and colleagues.



Have any weird things your colleagues/employees have been caught doing at work? Do share with us in the comment section below!




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