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Commercial Drones

Drones are UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which are still in their emerging phases. Drones are used for both recreational and commercial purposes. As many corporate giants are looking for innovative ideas to enhance their businesses, the commercial drones market is increasing steadily.

According to Fortune, the Chinese Drone manufacturer DJI owns a whopping 70% of the market share of the commercial drone industry. Also, the military use of drones dominates the household use by huge margins.

Below are some of the most popular commercial drones.

DJI Phantom 3

DJI designed this simple, 3-pound photo/ videography and flying expert with a very creative app as well. This popular quadcoptor shoots 4K videos at about 30 frames/second with a 940 view. It can continuously work and record for 23 minutes. With the presence of ultra-sonic sensors, Phantom 3 can also fly in indoors with precision.

DJI Inspire 1

Also created by the world’s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, Inspire1 is used for professional aerial photography and film-making. It is equipped with 4K camera, 16GB memory, 3600 vision, 3-axis Gimbal and dual operator functions. It also has auto-pilot mode and manual camera features and weighs about 6.5 pounds. With full charge, Inspire 1 can fly for 18-19 minutes straight.

3DR Robotic Solo

Unlike DJI Inspire, 3DR Robotic Solo doesn’t come equipped with a camera; however, considered as the smartest drone in the world because of its ability to take off, land, return home and pause mid-air on its own. Generally used in creative photography and film making, Solo has a flight time for around 25 minutes and, captures impeccable and stable pictures with the help of its 3- axis Gimbal. The additional features include the follow-me mode, auto pilot mode, live HD video streaming.

Parrot Bebop

Primarily used in agriculture, Bebop has all the essential features exhibited by a typical drone. It is equipped with an 1800 fish-eye/14MP camera, 3-axis Gimbal, 8GB storage. With its sleek look, low price, light weight and 23 minutes of flight time, Bebop stands out from its competitors. Also, the best part is you can attach a VR (Virtual Reality) head set and have a mind blowing visual experience.

DJI Matrice 100

Matrice 100 is one of the most powerful drones created with a flight time of 40 minutes and distance of 1.2 Miles at a stretch. The one feature that differentiates it from most of the drones is the ‘Guidance’ system which uses ultra-sonic waves to detect objects in proximity so that it can escape form the damage. Speaking of damage, Matrice 100 is also heavily padded with strong materials in case of any mishaps.

DJI S1000

Unlike all its competitors, S1000 is an octocoptor with 8 propellers. It is equipped to carry heavy cameras and record stable videos. S1000 is extremely powerful and due its heavy load and its size, the flight time is restricted to 15 minutes.


Though many areas of drone applications are in the experimental stages, the ones which are already using drones are growing successfully. Here are the few broad applications of drones.

Security and surveillance

Drones are widely used in national security measures. These are used in rescue operations, dangerous missions and surveillance where personnel cannot possibly reach. Drones are typically used by the military, police and fire fighters to mention a few.


As we know, the media wants to know everything that is happening real-time. Media entered into using drones to capture live events faster and with ease, be it capturing a concert or a president’s speech or a sports event.


Photography and film-making are the areas which use drones the mos. The precision, the angles and quality with which drones capture the moments are the driving factors for the photographers and filmmakers to run to drones for help.


As farmers are realising the abilities of drones, they have been using drones for various functions such as noting the crop patterns, soil scouting, growth monitoring. This has enhanced the way farmer cultivate the crops.


Amazon has come up with delivering products through drones (Amazon Prime air). Delivery through drones is still in the experimental stages as, if companies as big as Amazon use drones for delivery, the drone traffic would increase drastically in the society. Pizza and medicines deliveries are also trying their hand with the drones.



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