Marketing Tips from Donald Trump


Love him or hate him but you can't ignore him. Donald Trump is the official Republican nominee for 2016 US Presidential Elections. He ran a very distinct and successful campaign and marketed him exclusively well when compared to his fellow competitors. Wizards Island took a dip into few of his marketing techniques that he taught to the world.

1. Know your brand.

The Trump that we see on the campaign trail is well known to Americans . They have watched him for decades become famous as a New York real estate developer, bestselling author and TV reality-show contest business mogul on “The Apprentice.” Trump hasn’t changed. He’s just talking about politics now instead of business deals. But he’s always been bold and brassy, with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

The lesson: Your brand needs to stand for something. Lots of people are not fans of Trump, but even people who oppose his candidacy find themselves grudgingly admiring the consistency of his brand message. What you see is what you get.

2. Be Everywhere Your Audience Is

The most successful brands share common traits, such as passion, uniqueness, consistency, and exposure. While exposure used to be limited to brands with deep pockets, the Internet has leveled the playing field. Anyone with a website and social media account can now compete against the big players.

And more importantly, the top brands have figured out how to leverage these channels to interact and engage with their fans and customers. Trump has over 10M Twitter followers, over 9M likes on his Facebook page, and has passed the 2M mark on Instagram.

Social channels are increasingly important when trying to connect with younger demographics. Trump, along with other candidates, understands the importance of giving everyone the means to follow his campaign and to connect with him, in the way that suits them best.

While Baby Boomers may be more inclined to watch the nightly news on TV, Millennials are more likely to be scrolling through their social news feed to catch glimpses of what they missed throughout the day.

3. Audacious Marketing

When you have confidence in you then you would expose it. Undoubtedly the heaviest marketing is being done by Trump and there is no shying on this. The infograph below explains the moolah spent by all candidates by the end of this campaign with Donald Trump having the maximum share in each media.

4. Simplicity sells

Trump's slogan  "Make America Great Again" lies behind every one of his proposals --  even the most xenophobic and far-fetched. Every company I speak to, I always suggest becoming a practitioner of the Forrest Gump communication method, otherwise known as ¨gumping it.¨ This means keeping your underlying message as simple as possible so everyone can understand it.

While being able to tie it into everything you say and do. Whether Trump wants to carpet bomb ISIS, wall off Mexico, or ban Muslims: it's all tied back to the simple safety benefit to you, the American voter.

Trump went from being the subject of meme mockery to the GOP front-runner by taking advantage of the former. He generated attention at all costs, and in doing so, reached far more potential voters than any other candidate could hope to.

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