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If you love technology, you should wear it.

As the technology is advancing, more innovative devices are being invented and businesses are flooded with new investments. Wearable devices are the new trends in the market due to the ease and appeal of use. As we know, wearable devices are worn on any part of the body depending on the device’s functionality. They are not only used for day-to-day pursuits, but also in specific application based activities.

We have heard a lot about Google Glass and smart watches that can do so much. It’s time now to go a little further. Here are some of the most innovative gadgets that you can wear:

Skully AR-1 Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet:

These Hi-Tech helmets do not just render safety, but they guide you home as well. The AR helmet is equipped with a wide angle rear view camera, audio and visual GPS navigation, hands free music streaming and calls, 180 degrees panorama view and infinite road focus to mention a few. It possesses all of those features including the basic ones that a helmet offer, only lighter and more comfortable.

Oculus Rift:

Oculus Rift would be a dream come true to the gamers. It is a virtual reality headset set to launch towards the end of this month. Rift is fast, customisable and adaptable. It projects artistic life-like images which will immerse you into the world of gaming.


Quell relieves you from chronic body pains without the use of drugs. It is a small and discreet device worn under the knee that stimulates the body’s natural pain relief system. FDA has approved it for a daily use and the users are also showing the green signal for relief.

Rythm Dreem:

If you are prone to nightmares, dreem can be your cure. ‘Dreem’ is being designed to sense your brain waves while you are sleeping and emit sounds through bone conduction that will help enhance the quality of your sleep. It takes you to a deeper and comfortable sleep faster and resets your body better.

Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton:

Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton has been a breakthrough in the prosthetics division. It gives the complete physical support to those who have injured their spinal cord or prone to motor weaknesses. The aim is to collaborate the neuro signals and body weight shifting to activate the further steps.

Xsens MVN

If you have ever wondered how certain animated movies have life-like movements, this device is the answer. It is a complete body suit that tracks even the slightest of the body movements and captures them in a 3D view. Not only animation, Xsens MVN can also be applied in areas like sports performance, biomechanical analysis.

TN Games 3RD Space Vest:

This vest is yet another milestone in the gaming world where the gamer can control the game with his/her physical movements. This vest not only controls the game, but also enables the gamer to feel the impact of the game such as gunshots and grenade blasts. The Space Vest has 8 contact points to make the gamer feel the impact more accurately.

This is just a snapshot into the wearable devices industry. There are more devices existing and also being developed as the time is passing and we hope that the technology comes out with more wearable surprises.



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