samsunG galaxY notE 7: thE neW androiD sensatioN!...HDR videO + brightesT displaY eveR!!


The launch of the supersized 5.7in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet is foreshadowed to compete for one of the best smartphone of the year so far.

The phone is priced in India at INR 59,900 ($895) and will be available starting September 2.  Pre-order booking started in the US on August 3, with the phone becoming available on August 19— pricing is set around $850. Europe and Australia were next in line—you'll have to wait until August 16 to pre-order, with phone available starting September 2. Price is around £600 in the UK, and around A$1,200 in Australia.



Packed full of cool and awesome features, it has the best display ever with advanced modern AMOLED panels. The display is built with Diamond Pixels and Sub-Pixel Rendering with 518 pixels per inch and this features provides a higher image sharpness and can resolved with normal 20/20 vision at the typical viewing distances of 10 inches or more for Smartphones. 

With a maximum brightness of 1,048 nits, the Note 7’s display should be easily visible even in near direct sunlight. If we compare the same with the Note 5, then the Note 5 can achieve a maximum brightness of 861 nits and the Galaxy Note 7 can reach to 855 nits at peak levels.

The HDR (High Dynamic range) compatibility is Samsung crowning glory as it allows for more vivid color and contrast presets. Wait! but HD...WTH?

HDR, is an imaging technique that expands the contrast for blacker blacks and whiter whites. As a result you get beautifully balanced, realistic images. Until now the feature was only found in a few TV's  , projectors and streaming players like Netflix, Amazon etc. The new phablet is actually able to play HDR video content on the screen, like its newest, more expensive TV sets do.


Samsung stated that designing the dual curved edge display on a Galaxy Note 7 was a tough job, but Gorilla Glass 5 helped the screen to remain in place. Below is the difference between Note 5 Vs Note 7.




In America and Britain the phone is available in coral blue, black and silver. In Australia it comes in gold as well as black and silver.









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