Global Biofuels Market size- Research report, Industry Outlook, Emerging trends, and Forecast 2020

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Global consumption for biofuel is projected to reach US$58.3 billion gallons by 2020. The United States represents the largest market worldwide, with a 45.7% share of global consumption in 2015. Biofuels is a class of fuels whose energy is derived biologically from carbon fixation. They are derived from various conversion procedures from solid biomass, liquid fuels and various gases. Liquid produced from various oil-rich crops and are grown in many regions across the globe. Europe and Brazil are the major consumers of biofuels for electricity and transportation, while Asia Pacific is another growing region after Europe and North America. Countries such as China and India are prime consumers of bioenergy products such as biogas and bioethanol. 

Second generation biofuels yield more energy efficient output than conventional fossil fuels and are environment-friendly as well. Developing economies like China, India, and Russia are also experiencing steady growth and it is expected to increase substantially for the next six years. Liquid not only used in transport, but are also used in commercial heating processes. 

Some of the key manufacturing companies profiled in the report are Algenol Biofuels, Abengoa bioenergy, POET-DSM, GranBio, INEOS Bio, Inbicon, Clariant, ZeaChem, DuPont Industrial Biosciences and Fiberight LLC. Biofuels are projected to be another growing segment within the renewable energy market after wind energy segment, and it offers numerous opportunities for both new start-up companies and traditional companies, from the point of view to transfer their capabilities into this new growth market.It is also a broad and varied sector, covering a range of technologies at different stages of development.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, energy security, and waste treatment are some of the primary growth drivers for the global biofuel market. Another factor adding to the changing perspective toward the market is its potential to bring about rural development and provide new opportunities for employment in the agriculture sector.

Key Question answered in the report:

- What was the market size from 2013 to 2015?

- What will be the market growth till 2021 and what will be the resultant market forecast in the year?

- How will the market drivers, restraints and future opportunities affect the market dynamics and a subsequent analysis of the associated trends?

- What segment and region will drive or lead market growth and why?

- A comprehensive mapping of the competitive landscape and the market participants behavior.

- What are the key sustainability strategies adopted by market players? An in-depth analysis of these strategies and their impact on competition and growth.

1.  Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview

4. Market Drivers

4.1 Drivers for Biofuel Market: Impact Analysis

      4.2 Stringent Environmental Regulations Promoting Use of Biofuels

      4.3 Need for Economic Development

      4.4 Concerns Related to Energy Security and Increasing Oil Import Bill Specially in         Energy Importing Countries

      4.5 Rising Energy Import Bill Leading to Negative Balance of Trade

5. Market Restraints

      5.1 Food Versus Fuel Competition leading to Increase in Food Prices

      5.2 Barriers Related to Development, Distribution and Retailing of Biofuels

6. Market Opportunities

      6.1 Developing the Sustainable Biofuels

7.Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

      7.1 Bargaining Powers of Suppliers

      7.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers

      7.3 Threat of New Entrants

      7.4 Threat of Substitutes

8. Biofuel Industry     

     8.1 Biodiesel

     8.2 Ethanol

9. Next-Generation Biofuels: Future Lies Here

     9.1 Cellulosic Ethanol

     9.2 Algae Fuels

     9.3 Drop-in Fuels

     9.4 Biobutanol

10. Global Biofuel Industry - A Statistical View

     10.1 Ethanol Production

     10.2 Biodiesel Production

11. Global 2g Biofuels Market, By Feedstock

12. Global 2g Biofuels Market, By Type

13. Global 2g Biofuels Market, By Geography

14. Market Performance

     14.1 Americas

           - US

           - Brazil

           - Canada

           - Argentina

     14.2 Asia-Pacific

            - Australia

            - China

            - India

            - Thailand

            - Indonesia

           - Malaysia

     14.3 Europe

           Czech Republic








15. Industry Trends

     15.1 An Alternative to Fossil Fuels

     15.2 Government Support

     15.3 Environmental and Social Benefits

     15.4 Kyoto Protocol

16. Company Profiles

- 16.1 Australian Renewable Fuels Ltd.

- 16.2 Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings, Inc. (AVRW)

- 16.3 BlueFire Renewables

- 16.4 Raizen Energia Participacoes S.A

- 16.5 Renewable Energy Group

- 16.6 Solazyme Inc,

- 16.7 Western Dubuque Biodiesel Llc

- 16. 8Aemetis Inc

- 16.9 Green Plains Inc.

- 16.10 DSM

- 16.11 Copersucar S.A




  • Report In PDF:

  • 139 pages

  • 40 figures

  • 21 tables



  • Report In PDF:

  • 139 pages

  • 40 figures

  • 21 tables



  • Report In PDF:

  • 139 pages

  • 40 figures

  • 21 tables