Global Wearable Technology 2016 - 2025 Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

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Wearable technology mainly relates to devices and clothing/fabrics. Spectacles, trinkets, headdress, girdles, arm wear, wrist wear, legwear, footwear, skin patches, exoskeletons and e-textiles are involved and the device commerce is already large. As the wearable electronics business powers from USD 20 billion in 2015 to almost 70 USD billion in 2025, the leading segment will continue the healthcare sector which unites medical, fitness and wellness. It has the major figure of giant forenames such as Apple, Accenture, Adidas, Fujitsu, Nike, Philips, Reebok, Samsung, SAP and Roche behind the supreme hopeful new progresses.

Main companies of wearable expertise system were recognized across the areas and their presents, delivery network, and local existence is established through in-depth thoughts. To bargain out the complete wearable technology marketplace scope, number of consignments and usual retailing value were used. Also, top-down and bottom-up methods were used to evaluate the extents of other separate souks by exhausting fraction ruptures from secondary and primary research. The whole process comprises the reading of the yearly and monetary news of the best marketplace companies and widespread meeting of important visions from business frontrunners, such as CEOs, VPs, directors, and marketing executives.

Aimed addressees for this report:

  • Businesses in the wearable electronics and machinery marketplace
  • Administration and monetarist organizations as well as venture capital firms
  • Experts and tactical commercial organizers
  • End users who need to see extra around the wearable technology and the newest technological expansions in the wearable industry
  • Healthcare providers
  • Nutrition and brew corporations
  • Study and consulting partnerships

1 Overview
     Aims of the Research
    Marketplace Meaning
    Marketplace Room
           Marketplaces Covered
           Years Measured for the Research
    Marketplace Shareholders

2 Research Methodology
   2.1 Overview
           2.1.1 Secondary Statistics
           Significant Data From Secondary Sources
           2.1.2 Primary Data
           Significant Data From Primary Sources
           Significant Industry Acumens
           Breakdown of Primary Consultations
    2.2 Issue Examination
           2.2.1 Overview
           2.2.2 Demand-Side Study
           Large Growth of the Smartphones Market
           2.2.3 Supply-Side Study
           Improvement in Technology
    2.3 Market Size Appraisal
           2.3.1 Bottom-Up Approach
           2.3.2 Top-Down Approach
    2.4 Data Triangulation
    2.5 Expectations for the Study

3 Executive Summary

4 Finest Comprehensions
    4.1 Wearable Technology Market Prospects
    4.2 Marketplace, By Application
    4.3 Geographical Picture of the Wearable Technology Market
    4.4 Wearable Technology Marketplace, By Consumer Electronics Application, 2016–2025 (USD Million)
    4.5 Wristwear Market Size, By Product, 2016 vs 2025 (USD Million)

5 Marketplace Overview
    5.1 Overview
    5.2 Market Segmentation
           5.2.1 Wearable Technology Market, By Product
           5.2.2 Market, By Type
           5.2.3 Wearable Technology Market, By Application
           5.2.4 Market, By Technology
           5.2.5 Wearable Technology Market, By Element
           5.2.6 Market, By Geography
    5.3 Market Evolution
           5.3.1 Events in the Wearable Technology Market Till 2010
           5.3.2 Wearable 2.0
           5.3.3 Next-Generation Wearable Devices
    5.4 Market Dynamics
           5.4.1 Drivers
           Consumer Preference for Sophisticated Gadgets
           Increasing Growth Prospects of Next Generation Displays Integrated in Wearable Devices
           Increasing Popularity of Wearable Fitness and Medical Devices
           Growing Popularity of the Internet of Things
           5.4.2 Limitations
           Power Consumption and Limited Battery Life
           High Early Costs
           Fast Pace of the Electronics Market
           5.4.3 Prospects
           Rising Applications of Cool Textiles and E-Textiles in Wearables
           Multi-Featured and Hybrid Application Mobile Devices
           Development of Significant Enabling Machineries
           Increasing Adoption of Wearables in Multiple Application Areas
           5.4.4 Tests
           Size Restraints
           Device Safety and Thermal Deliberation
           Unaddressed Controlling Subjects
           Failure to Attain Long-Term Assignation

6 Business Study
    6.1 Overview
    6.2 Market Speculation Study
    6.3 Supply- & Demand-Side Factor Study
    6.4 Market Life Cycle Study
    6.5 Push & Pull Force Study
    6.6 Supply Chain Study
           6.6.1 Core Business Segments
           6.6.2 Supporting Business Segments
    6.7 Value Chain Study
    6.8 Porter’s Five Forces Study
           6.8.1 Concentration of Competitive Contention
           6.8.2 Risk of Alternatives
           6.8.3 Bargaining Power of Customers
           6.8.4 Bargaining Power of Sellers
           6.8.5 Risk of New Contestants

7 Wearable Technology Market, By Type
    7.1 Overview
    7.2 Wearable Smart Textiles
           7.2.1 Wearable Smart Textile Marketplace, By Type
           Passive Smart Textiles
           Active Smart Textiles
           Ultra-Smart Textiles
           7.2.2 Wearable Smart Textiles Marketplace, By Purpose
           Energy Harvesting
           Luminescence & Aesthetics
    7.3 Wearable Products & Devices (Non-Textiles)

8 Wearable Technology Market, By Application
    8.1 Overview
           8.1.1 Consumer Electronics
           Health & Athletic Applications
           Infotainment & Hypermedia Applications
           Clothes & Style Applications
           Multi-Function Applications
           8.1.2 Healthcare
           Clinical Applications
           Non-Clinical Applications
           8.1.3 Enterprise & Industrial Applications
           Logistics, Packing, & Warehouse Applications
           Other Industrial Applications
           8.1.4 Other Applications

9 Market, By Product
    9.1 Overview
           9.1.1 Wristwear
           Wrist Wear Computers and Watches
           Wrist Bands
           9.1.2 Eyewear
           Smart Specs and Spectacles
           Contact Lenses and Other (HMD, HUD, Augmented) Displays
           9.1.3 Footwear
           Off-the-cuff Footwear
           Distinct Purpose Footwear
           9.1.4 Neckwear
           Style and Jewels
           Ties and Collars
           9.1.5 Bodywear
           Clothing and Inner Wear
           Fashion & Apparel
           Arm & Legwear
           9.1.6 Other Wearable Technology
           Ring Scanners
           Smart Headsets
           Head Bands

10 Market, By Technology
     10.1 Overview
     10.2 Computing Machineries (Wearable Computers)
     10.3 Display Machineries (HUD, HMD, and Augmented Reality)
     10.4 Networking Machineries (Bluetooth, NFC, ANT+, and Wi-Fi)
     10.5 Positioning Machineries (Gps and Digital Compass)
     10.6 Sensor Machineries (Accelerometers and Mems)
     10.7 Speech Recognition Machineries

11 Market, By Component
     11.1 Overview
             11.1.1 Power Supply Constituents
             11.1.2 Positioning and Networking Constituents
             11.1.3 Sensing Constituents
             11.1.4 Control Constituents
             11.1.5 Display & Optoelectronic Constituents
             11.1.6 Memory Constituents
             11.1.7 Interface Constituents
             11.1.8 Other Constituents

12 Regional Study
     12.1 Overview
     12.2 Americas
             12.2.1 U.S.
             12.2.2 Canada
             12.2.3 Mexico
             12.2.4 Others
     12.3 Europe
             12.3.1 U.K.
             12.3.2 Germany
             12.3.3 France
             12.3.4 Others
     12.4 Asia-Pacific
             12.4.1 China
             12.4.2 Japan
             12.4.3 South Korea
             12.4.4 India
             12.4.5 Others
     12.5 Rest of the World
             12.5.1 Middle East
             12.5.2 Africa
             12.5.3 Others

13 Competitive Landscape
     13.1 Overview
     13.2 Market Share Reading of the Wearable Technology Market 2016
     13.3 Competitive State and Tendencies
             13.3.1 Innovative Product Introductions
             13.3.2 Contracts, Associations, Bonds & Conglomerates
             13.3.3 Purchase
             13.3.4 Growths and Funds

14 Corporation Outlines
(Overview, Products and Services, Financials, Plan & Progress)
     14.1 Overview
     14.2 Fitbit Inc.
     14.3 Apple Inc.
     14.4.Qualcomm Inc
     14.5 Garmin Ltd.
     14.6 Pebble Technology Corp.
     14.7 Google Inc.
     14.8 Adidas AG
     14.9 LG Electronics Inc.
     14.10 Nike Inc.
     14.11 Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd
     14.12 Sony Corp.
     14.13 Jawbone Inc.
     14.14 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd



  • Report In PDF:

  • 150 pages

  • 31 figures

  • 24 tables



  • Report In PDF:

  • 150 pages

  • 31 figures

  • 24 tables



  • Report In PDF:

  • 150 pages

  • 31 figures

  • 24 tables